Client stories

EHUK has helped many women recover and rebuild themselves after traumatic events. By the end of their stay our ladies leave with a new found confidence in themselves and their future. Here are some of the stories from our clients:

“I left my husband after years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. I was forced to marry him when I was 15 and then brought to the UK from Pakistan. My husband used me as a domestic servant and a body to have children with. I knew it was time to leave when my children started growing up and I could not be a fit mother to them because of how traumatised I was. I knew that if I did not do something to change this now then my sons and daughters would grow up to repeat the same cycle they grew up watching. I had to make a drastic change to ensure they did not have the same fate as me. I called the police and they helped me find a refuge to move into. That’s when I came to Eden House. When I arrived here, I was very disturbed and confused. My support workers helped me gradually build confidence in doing simple things like making phone calls, filling out forms, going to the shops, budgeting and parenting. I know these are simple skills but had I not learnt how to do these at Eden House I would never be able to live independently and move on from my traumatic past. They gave me emotional support whenever I needed it and always provided an empathetic ear when I needed to share how I felt. I am so glad I stayed at Eden House when I did because now I am a better mother for my four children and a better woman for myself.”

Client 1

“I came to Eden House when I was at my lowest point in my life. I had suffered years of abuse from my husband. He kept locked away in a room and abused me physically and sexually. I moved here after I told my GP of my abuse because I was so scared that I might end up severely hurt or dead if I stayed with my husband. I was then moved to Eden House. During my first few nights I was terribly afraid and emotional, I would often come to the office to see my support worker and just cry. My support workers were always so patient and understanding, they never made me do anything until I was ready. They slowly encouraged me to start to do things on my own and to make friends with other ladies in the house. They also told me how I am not alone and that none of this was my fault, they gave me hope that my future is much brighter than my past. It has now been a year and half since I came to Eden House and I am glad to say that I am back to being my happy, bubbly self. The team at Eden House has helped me find a house which I am moving into soon. I am so glad to start a new life where I can live safely and grow as a person.”

Client 2