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EHUK runs women’s refuges/supported accommodation in the North and West Midlands of the UK. We have 26 bed spaces and specialise mainly, but not exclusively in providing specialised bespoke support for Muslim/ BME women and their children.

Our referrals come from other organisations, social services, the Police, self referrals, concerned friends and families and more. We also provide a specialised service for women who are victims of DV and in the UK on spousal visas. You can refer a woman in need here.

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Eden Houses UK is kept alive through charitable donations and the kindness of volunteers. If you’d like to help us with our mission to support victims of domestic abuse, please consider donating via the link below. It will take you to our secure third party donations platform.

Supporting vulnerable women since 2015

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What We Do

EHUK strives to provide safe, friendly, supported temporary housing and access to outreach services for vulnerable women and children from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds across the UK. We aim to empower those women to become renewed by re-gaining their independence, strength and confidence.

Our Mission

Eden Houses UK, to be a guiding hand to empower vulnerable women and children out of the dark world of abuse and domestic violence; into the light of freedom, confidence and independence.

Who we work with

EHUK is a women’s project working under the umbrella of charity MWHT (reg no 1149833).

Our building sponsors include Al-Shaya company (Kuwait), Mercy International Charity and Al-Saya (Kuwait).

 We work with local advocacy organisations as well as social services, colleges, IDVAS, local Doctors, Mosques and many others. We have a policy of working alongside many other services to ensure that our clients get the widest possible service.

Get in Touch. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your question, meet your needs or help someone you think needs our support. 


West Midlands phone: 01214484880

South Yorkshire phone: 01142729034