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We rely on your support and donations to help us changes lives and give Victims of Domestic Violence a fighting chance

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One off donation

Help women and children build a life free from violence and abuse.

Donate today to make a difference to those whose lives have been shattered by Domestic Violence. 

Winter appeal

With the cost of living rising and as winter is fast approaching, vulnerable women and children are left battling the Cold. Your support can help.

Donate to our Winter Appeal to help provide vulnerable women and children with the essentials they need to survive the cold this winter.

Ramadhan Fundraiser

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Each year we run a Ramadan appeal raising money to support our work with the vulnerable women and children.

Reap the multiple blessings of Ramadan by donating your Zakaat or making a one of donation to support women and children of Domestic Violence build a brighter future.

On behalf of everyone at EHUK and the women and children we support, we would like to thank you for your donation. Your generosity helps to provide essential support and services to those most in need.